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Fuelling Around:
Fuelling Around podcast: Carl Cox on beats, bikes and the Isle of Man TT

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June 10, 2022
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Legendary DJ Carl Cox joins hosts Jason Plato and Dave Vitty to discuss his collection of cars and bikes at his various homes around the world in the series four finale of Fuelling Around. 

The 59-year-old from Oldham is one of the UK’s greatest ever techno and dance DJs and music producers with his singles such as ‘Two Paintings and a Drum’ and ‘Phuture 2000’. 

Cox also talks to Jason and Dave about the Isle of Man TT, a race he has a major play in, with his racing team doing fantastically well at the time of recording as Michael Dunlop lead the charge. Having just flown home from the Isle of Man, Jason voices how  flabbergasted he was after experiencing one of the world’s biggest and best motor races in the world. 

Carl Cox on his collection of cars and bikes  

Cox, who claims he has owned somewhere in the region of 100 vehicles during his life, is something of a collector of all things four-wheeled and two-wheeled, as he explains with a chuckle: “I’ve got roughly 85-90 motorcycles, including race bikes as well. It’s ridiculous I know as I can’t ride them all at the same time. It’s a problem that I have, so I will talk to someone about it”.

“I’m just enjoying that I have all these things. But cars are something I’ve always loved, and I got it from my dad. He’d always end up with a Ford; Ford Anglia, Ford Cortina, Ford Corsair. No one seems to know what a Corsair is. I’ve got two Ford Cortina Mrk1s in my collection, one of which I’ve put a Cosworth engine in! I can’t wait to drive it when I get the chance to.   

“I’ve always been into muscle cars though, Mustangs, Pontiacs, Dodges. I have about 25 muscle cars including a beautiful 1965 Corvette – it’s beautiful and it still looks futuristic in its design.”   

Plenty more episodes of Fuelling Around to enjoy

Now series four has raced over the finish line, it’s time for Jason and Dave to take a pit stop. But rest assured there’s still a wealth of previous episodes for you to wrap your ears around.

A host of celebrity guests has littered the award-winning offering that has so far produced a string of cracking episodes to listen to

You can also tune into Fuelling Around on Spotify, Apple, YouTube or various other platforms if you want to see what all the fuss is about.   

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