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10 cheap and easy car interior mods

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July 13, 2022
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If you want to add your own personality to the interior of your car, there are a number of car interior mods that you can make that won’t break the bank.

From a new set of seat covers to upgrading your sound system and fitting rear seat video screens, here are 10 of the best interior car modifications by cost and ease of fitting.

These car interior upgrades are broadly split into two categories: tech enhancements and cosmetic car interior mods that are simply pleasing to the eye. 

Top four tech upgrades for your car interior

car interior mods

1. Sound system

Today’s cars are fitted with very high-quality sound systems, but if you are still not satisfied, you can upgrade to something with a little more oomph – JBL or Bose, perhaps. 

You could even give up a little boot space by installing a subwoofer to enable you to crank up the volume to mosh pit levels. Just be sure to keep any sound upgrades road legal.

2. Passenger video screens

Installing video screens to keep your rear seat passengers entertained  is probably easier than you think. They will instantly enhance the passenger experience, especially on long trips. What’s more, your passengers can wear headphones to avoid distracting the driver.

3. Phone USB point

Nowadays, a dashboard smartphone holder and extra USB charge sockets are must-have interior car mods that will instantly make your ride more tech-friendly. The job might be a little trickier but you should manage it with basic DIY skills. If you are not confident, take the car to a garage and they’ll have the job done in a jiffy.

4. Ambient lighting

LED lighting strategically placed around your car’s interior is a high-impact low-cost interior car modification. The coloured ambient lighting generated by a few well-placed lighting strips adds a whole new feel of luxury.

Six cosmetic car interior mods

1. Seat covers

New seat covers can make a massive visual impact on the interior look and feel of your car. Most standard car seats are hard-wearing but rather drab-looking black or grey, so why not pimp your ride with something that more closely reflects your own personality?

That could mean anything from Del Trotter-style animal skin print to something matching the car’s exterior paint work with contrast piping. 

That’s the joy of aftermarket seat covers – the choice of design is incredibly varied and plentiful. They are also easy to fit in the first place and remove for washing.

2. Window tints

One of the most common interior car mods are dark window tints, even though they actually go on the outside of the windows! They can be a nice addition and add instant cool to your ride. However, you must ensure they aren’t too dark and they’re not added to the wrong windows. Read our blog to find out more about legal car modifications and the law concerning window tints.

car interior mods

3. Custom racing pedals

Install custom brushed-metal finish pedals or a set of pedals that contain a car’s logo, especially something like a Porsche (even if you do actually drive a Renault Clio or similar). 

Fitting is simple: you just need to remove the existing rubber pedal cover and slip your new ones back onto the permanent metal foot pedal. It’s a quick car interior mod – it’ll take five minutes – but it can make a lasting difference. 

4. Floor mats

Custom floor mats and carpets can immediately transform the finish of your vehicle and they are super quick to install. 

New car mats will also save the original factory-fitted mats from damage so you can refit the originals when it’s time to sell. This may just improve the resale value. 

5. Steering wheel cover

A new steering wheel cover is a car interior mod, which can make your wheel look better and enhance the tactile feel so it’s more comfortable in your hands. From patterns to soft leather, the choice is incredibly varied. 

6. Rearview mirror

Don’t hang furry dice from your rear view mirror, upgrade it for a new one. You could get a wider mirror, giving you a better view, or one with a digital screen built in. 

car interior mods

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