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How can I keep my house protected when it’s unoccupied?

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July 20, 2022
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If your home is to be left unoccupied for a lengthy period of time – usually more than 30 days – you’ll need unoccupied insurance.

Here the team at Adrian Flux answer all your questions about insurance and unoccupied homes.

When might I need unoccupied home insurance?

A home can be unoccupied for 30 days or more for all manner of reasons. Perhaps the householders are taking an extended holiday to travel, the property may be awaiting sale, undergoing major refurbishments, awaiting probate or, if it’s a second home which you rent out, perhaps you are waiting for new tenants to move in. 

In each of these cases you will need to notify your insurance provider and organise unoccupied property insurance to keep it fully protected while you are away from home.


Won’t my home be covered by my normal household insurance?

You need different cover if your home is to be unoccupied for more than 30 days because during that time it will be at greater risk and your insurer will view your property as a “non-standard” insurance risk.

While it is unoccupied it will be more vulnerable to break in, theft and vandalism, and if there are other problems caused by the elements, such as storm damage or a burst pipe or electrical fire, there will be no one on hand to raise the alarm and prevent excessive damage being caused. 

I have a friend calling in each day to check on my home, that’s OK isn’t it?

Many people wrongly assume if they have a trusted neighbour, friend of relative to check on their property their normal insurance will cover them.

In fact, some policies have a condition that vacant properties have someone to check on them regularly, but the house will still be unoccupied as far as your insurer is concerned.

How else can I protect my unoccupied home?

There are a number of ways you can protect your unoccupied home. 

Upgrade your home security system

Install extra security systems in your home, the best you can afford. Security systems can come with cameras, motion detectors, temperature sensors and remote monitoring by security companies. Upgraded security may even earn you a discount on your insurance.


Use self-timing lights

Programme self-timing lights to come on in different rooms at different times giving the impression that your home is lived in. Programme downstairs lights to come on in the early evening when it starts getting dark and upstairs lights later on, when you would normally go to bed. 

Make the most of smart technology

If you’ve invested in smart home management technology you can run your home remotely, giving the impression you are still there. You can switch lights on and off, adjust heating, close blinds and see who’s ringing your doorbell or coming into your garden through streaming  CCTV images. You can use the technology to deter crime, keep a watchful eye on your home and in some cases reduce your insurance premiums. 

Read our blog to find out more tips about how to protect your home while it’s unoccupied during the winter months.

Why should I try Adrian Flux unoccupied home insurance?

Our unoccupied home insurance cover includes all the features you need and expect from a high quality insurance policy and our rates are very competitive.

Benefits include:

  • Different cover levels to suit each individual circumstance.
  • Different policy lengths to meet each need.
  • Portfolio insurance (i.e. unoccupied property cover for several houses).
  • Discounts when you take combined buildings and content cover.

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