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10 summer maintenance tips for your classic car

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July 18, 2022
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Now the show season is truly upon us, you’ll want to keep your pride and joy looking good and running in tip-top condition. To help you do just that, the insurance experts at Adrian Flux have come up with 10 summer maintenance tips for your classic car. 

Get an MOT, even though you probably don’t need one

Consider getting your classic car MOT’d, even if it doesn’t really need one because it’s exempt. The advisory notes that come with the certificate will be a good indicator as to what you should be thinking about repairing as part of your summer maintenance in the near future.

Check the antifreeze

Antifreeze doesn’t just stop the engine from freezing in cold weather, it acts as a coolant and helps prevent overheating in the summer. It also contains corrosion inhibitors which will help prevent metal parts rusting and rubber pipework rotting. 

Check all the fluids regularly 

You are no doubt putting a few more miles on the clock now that summer is here, so keep an eye on the engine oil and top up as necessary. The clutch fluid and transmission oil can take a bashing at this time of year too, so check them regularly. If the brake fluid hasn’t been changed for a while, consider replacing it now. Keep windscreen washer chambers topped up as part of your regular summer maintenance.

Classic car maintenance tips

Clean the spark plugs

Be sure of starting first time by cleaning the spark plugs regularly, and checking the gaps, then adjusting accordingly. Keep HT leads and the distributor cap clean and check the points and adjust them too if needed.

Examine all the engine belts and hoses

Regularly check belts for fraying and loss of tension and adjust or replace. Check the top and bottom hose, and all other pipework. It’s better to be safe than sorry so replace if they show signs of cracking or leaks. 

Get help to check the lights

Before each journey, get someone to sit in the driver’s seat while you check the brake lights, headlights and indicators. Replace any bulbs that don’t work or are dim.  This routine should really be part of your everyday maintenance. 

Hose down after every trip

After each journey, hose down your classic car’s undercarriage to remove any dirt that could corrode unprotected metal surfaces.

Classic car maintenance tips

Wash, polish, wax

Wash, polish and wax your car regularly, at least once a month, but preferably more often. The wax will create a protective layer against dirt and dust and damaging corrosion. Read our blog for more car cleaning tips

Store in the garage or buy a car cover

If you don’t have a garage in which to park your classic, use a car cover to protect it from dirt, falling debris, and bird droppings – which can be a hellish job to remove if allowed to dry hard – as well as to prevent sunlight from fading paintwork. Investing in a car cover can help cut down on cleaning and maintenance. 

Check the paperwork

Check your classic car insurance is up to date and, because you never quite know what’s around the corner, consider taking out breakdown cover.

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