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Car mods that went wrong but seemed like a good idea at the time

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August 30, 2022
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Car mods are great, when you get them right. But when you get them wrong, they can literally be a road crash waiting to happen. Here the modified car insurance experts at Adrian Flux steer you towards five truly awful, stupid car mods gone wrong.

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Photo by Guilherme Xac on Pexels.

1. The BMW Spa Car

It took YouTube influencer Colin Furze only four weeks to build what is probably the only driveable hot tub in the world. The 1989 BMW 325i Convertible is also turfed with artificial grass to complete the al fresco look,

2. When pipe dreams go up in smoke

VWs and emission problems, eh! When this wag decided to retrofit up-angled exhaust tailpipes, he didn’t realise he would be sooting up the rear end of his car with exhaust fumes. Great plan, bad execution.

car mods

3. Fiesta of cardboard customisations

One Ford Fiesta owner pimped his ride after a trip to the supermarket. He created and stuck on cardboard spoilers, arches, side skirts, wheel trims and air inlets to make the old Fiesta dazzle. Let’s hope the tape holds.

car mods

4. It’s not love actually

One Nissan driver is such a big fan of Liam Neeson, that they  decided to buy the car that sounded most like his name and cover it in pictures in a touching, but tragic, tribute. As for me, it’s definitely not love actually.

car mods

5. The crystal amazes

One driver is so worried about the lack of positive energy on the road that they stuck healing gemstones to the steering wheel. By all accounts, they now plan to cover the complete interior to harness the mystic powers.


Whatever your mod, if it’s street legal, we’re cool

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