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Best automotive and household gadgets for 2023

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November 29, 2022
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Wondering what to buy as a gift for your loved ones or how to treat yourself after a stressful year? If so, you might want to consider one of the gadgets below. We’ve put together a list of all the household and automotive gadgets we’re excited to play with in 2023, whether that’s a new sat nav, HUD display, tablet, or even a coffee machine!

Best automotive gadgets for 2023

Heads-up displays like the HUDWAY Cast

Hudway HUD shown while person is driving
Image source: Hudway

We’re always looking for futuristic gadgets and this year, we think heads-up displays (HUDs) like the HUDWAY Cast takes the cake. Whilst some new vehicles include heads-up displays as standard, you can actually purchase one separately for a relatively affordable price. These tend to work with most vehicles and can be plugged into your car’s lighter socket and connected to your smartphone easily.

Designed to ensure you can keep your eyes on the road at all times, these affordable devices can help improve safety. If you rely on your smartphone for navigation or you find yourself frequently glancing down to check your dashboard information, this could be a great little device for you.

There are a wide range of HUDs available with a variety of functions. Some of the main types of information that can be displayed on your windscreen include:

  • Real-time directions
  • Speed
  • Fuel level
  • Calls or notifications
  • Night vision (in dark conditions)

New-gen sat navs like the Garmin DriveLuxe 51LMT-S

If you’re fed up of getting lost on long journeys or getting stuck in traffic, new sat navs such as the Garmin DriveLuxe 51LMT-S can help take the pain out of travelling in your car. The device provides live traffic and parking updates, an easy-to-use GPS navigation system, Bluetooth calling, smart notifications, and more.

Whether you’re navigating a city that you love or even exploring new frontiers, a sat nav can help take the stress out of the journey.

Tyre monitors like the Nonda ZUS Smart Tyre Safety Monitor

In a recent UK-wide survey, TyreSafe found that 27% of tyres were already illegal when they were being replaced. It’s all too easy to forget to check your tyre pressure, but as this part of your vehicle is in constant contact with the road, staying on top of this can help prevent accidents and costly repairs.

Thankfully, a number of smart safety monitors have been released, such as the Nonda ZUS Smart Tyre. These use sensor valves on the tyres to monitor your tyres and send you feedback via your smartphone on your tyre pressure. This helps you know when tyres need to be changed or the pressure is too high or low. Well-inflated tyres also have the added benefit of helping you save on fuel.

Hardshell rooftop tents like the Skycamp

Avid camper? If the majority of your car’s boot is taken up by your tent, you might find that a hard shell roof tent provides you with a handy alternative. For most of these types of tents, the majority of the equipment you need is packed into the rooftop and setup can be completed in just a few minutes. In fact, the Skycamp 2.0 can allegedly be set up in just 60 seconds.

These gadgets can be a great space saver and sturdy, though they can be quite an investment.

Best household gadgets for 2023

A decent camera like the Fujifilm x100v

If you’re looking for a camera that can deliver high-quality, high-definition photos, cameras like the latest Fujifilm x100v or the Panasonic Lumix S5 are great options. Whilst you might feel as though your phone is able to do enough for what you want, if you’re serious about photography, getting a robust camera could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Next-gen phones like the iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

Looking for your next gadget to play with? New phones like the iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 could be a couple of great options. Both phones have considerable upgrades, and the Galaxy Fold Z, in particular, makes a solid departure from typical devices in terms of its shape.

Tablets like the Apple iPad Pro

Tablets are highly convenient if you need to use your device on the go, whether that’s to watch films or a TV series, read an e-book, or even draw. The iPad Pro is a good all-rounder, sporting a highly responsive and Liquid Retina XDR display. Apple claims that the Pro is actually faster than most PC laptops on the market today, so if you’re looking for a zippy device, this could be a great option.

Temperature controlled mug like the Ember

A bit of a random one, but when you drink as much tea as the average Brit (the average 1.78 cups of tea a day has actually doubled in lockdown, according to Wales Online), it’s important that you can drink in comfort.

Temperature controlled mugs are a great little way of ensuring that your drink stays the perfect temperature throughout. We haven’t seen this on the market before, but it seems like there are plenty of options available. This includes the Ember mug.

With this gadget and many others on the market, you can set your own perfect drinking temperature so your cuppa feels freshly brewed with every sip.

Smart coffee machine like the Breville Mostra Easy Measure Filter Coffee Machine

Waking up is never easy, especially during the winter months, which is why we love smart coffee machines that allow us to schedule when we want our coffee through the device or our phone. Coffee machines like the Breville Mostra allow you to set a timer for when you’d like your coffee to start brewing, which means you’ll no longer have to do the pitiful trudge to the kitchen each morning before you fully wake up.

There are, of course, smarter options such as the Barista TS, which can be managed through your mobile phone. This gadget puts you in control of every little detail, down to the order in which your ingredients are poured into the cup. However, at £899, this option is a lot more expensive than the Breville, so it might not be for everyone.

Smart faucet like the Moen Faucet

It’s amazing what you can make smart these days. In a time when most of us are likely putting more care and attention into hand washing, you might feel like you’re wasting a lot more water than usual.

Gadgets like the U Smart Faucet by Moen can help you save water by allowing you to voice activate certain commands. For instance, if you ask it to wash your hands, the tap will automatically turn on to wet your hands, turn off for 20 seconds while you lather, then turn on again so you can rinse off. This is ideal for those who are guilty of leaving the tap running while soaping their hands.

Gadget insurance from Adrian Flux

If you’re forking out for some of the gadgets on this list, you might want to consider getting gadget insurance for some of the more costly items. At Adrian Flux, we offer cover for a wide range of items, including mobile phones, iPads and other tablets, sat navs and cameras.

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