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Fuelling Around:
Fuelling Around podcast: Jodie Kidd on having to sell a Ferrari and her former racing driver career

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October 25, 2023
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Fashion model, racing driver, and television personality Jodie Kidd joins hosts Jason Plato and Dave Vitty on the award-winning podcast Fuelling Around to discuss her own car show on YouTube, her career and of course her excellent collection of cars.

Kidd is best known for her fashion modelling career where she worked with major brands such as Givenchy and was cover star on many titles including Vogue. 

The 45-year-old details why she chose to launch her own YouTube channel, her former career as a racing driver, and talks Plato and Vitty through her stunning car collection. 

Jodie Kidd on how she went from a Rover 75 to a Ferrari 550

During the episode, Kidd reveals how one of her earliest cars was a Rover 75 to the amusement of Plato, before revealing she then upgraded to a Ferrari 550.

“After the Rover 75, I got a Ferrari 550 – one of the world speed record ones, so I made up for it!” Kidd proclaimed. 

“That was when I got my first big proper job and where I thought I’ve always wanted a Ferrari. I’ve loved horses my whole life, and for me that was the pinnacle of ‘I’ve done good, I’ve made it’.

“I mean, I had to sell it a couple of years later, but I had it,” laughs Kidd.

“It was like I’ve done it, I’ve made it, but I can’t afford to run it. It’s just so simplistic and it’s just so incredibly beautiful and there’s my obsession with engines and Ferrari V12s. The V12, those long beautiful noses, just the epitome of beauty.” 

Jodie Kidd smiling inside her car

Plenty more episodes of Fuelling Around to enjoy

Series seven is just warming up, but if you haven’t listened to Fuelling Around before, you’ll be glad to know there’s a wealth of previous episodes from five series for you to listen to.

A host of celebrity guests have littered the award-winning podcast that has so far produced a string of excellent episodes to listen to

You can also tune into Fuelling Around on Spotify, Apple, YouTube or various other platforms if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

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