Cadillac Voyage


Concept cars have a way of summarising their eras perfectly. The 1988 Voyage concept from Cadillac was a veritable riot of technology, some of it digital – at a time when widespread consumer pixelage were just about visible on the horizon for the average punter.

Its computer – controlled running gear switched from rear-to four-wheel drive when it sensed a lass of traction. It came with disc brakes with electronic anti-lock system, independent suspension and an electronically controlled automatic gearbox. There was an early ‘route-finding’ piece of software, orthopedically-designed seats that included more than 20 pneumatic and mechanical adjustments, three memory positions, plus back and cushion heaters with cushion massage. Just the sort of thing that exists today, in other words, with your high-end Mercedes.

In the way that it managed to preempt many production features that were introduced in the 1990s, it was an undoubted success. And we think it looked pretty damn sexy – in a kind of Gerry Anderson sort of manner.