Citroen Karin Concept


This amazingly trapezoid concept for Citroen was, apparently, designed by the mysterious personage of Trevor Fiore.

Now, we’re not sure wether this fellow’s real name was Trevor Frost, or wether the ‘Fiore’ was simply a nom de plume when designing cars for foreign carmakers. A wander around the webs will shore up any number of theories and attributions our Trevor.

Whoever he was, he seems to have been responsible some interesting concepts, particularly from the purely aesthetic level.

The Karin three-seater was commissioned in advance of the 1980 Paris show and built in collaboration with Carrozzeria Coggiola (the atelier responsible for Saab’s Sonnet 3 and 9000 as well as the original Mégane concept).

This was obviously Citroen demonstrating their preparation for a technologically advanced, future characterised by outside the box thinking and low drag coefficients – but you can also see the influence of what had been there before in the company’s back catalogue.


2 Responses to “Citroen Karin Concept”

  1. vipertruck99

    amazing interior,but ive always said “interiors are important,you live in that bit”.to qualify that ive driven a lot of super/hypercars (previous job they were not mine) and have a really quite nice 996 turbo.however they cockpit that has always blown me away was the mk4 toyota supra,i had one,a tasteful near standard one and until youve sat it one you will never know.the entire thing including dash,door panel,and centre console just cocooned you.apart from that of cars ive only seen photos of the citroen sm and citroen cx gti  turbo mk1 are def in the top 10 car interiors ever.true gerry anderson inspired stuff