Countdown to Victory


There’s something about the will to race that puts clear water between people who will risk everything for that line into the first corner and the rest of us. It’s a bit of a cliché, but for some people, life is racing, and the rest of the time just waiting to race.

We’re not sure wether or not there’s some sort of Freudian death wish amongst the greatest racers we’ve ever known, or wether the will to competitive speed is rather more life affirming than it is playing rough and tumble with the grim reaper.

Every now and then we’ve felt death’s hot breath on the back of our necks. We’ve pulled back, deciding to ease of rather than take things to their limits.

But whatever your take on the recklessness of racing drivers, this video does a good inspirational job of evoking the divine madness that is driving cars very quickly.