Nissan S13 Crushed.


This is what he wanted.. from greg deese on Vimeo.

We can understand this. You spend the majority of your hard earned cash and a goodly proportion of your precious spare time getting the car you wanted exactly right. You finally reach a place where this ride is a complete reflection of who you are, down to the type of stitching on the Momo and the preset equaliser settings on the ICE.

Then you go and get diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Makes sense then, that part of your last will and testament will include a car crushing clause, designed to prevent the automotive love of your life being undersold to an unworthy teen by an equally unworthy and misunderstanding human executor.

It’s just this sort of sentiment that motivation that had the American owner of a very nice Nissan S13 destroy his car once he’s shuffled off this mortal coil.

It’s not quite as excruciating as the scene in the Italian job where the destroy all those lovely motors, but it’s getting there. Enjoy the lovely opening scene anyway.