Gerry Anderson Made us Want Exotic Cars!


Around Christmas time I can’t help but hanker after those simpler, more innocent times,. We reckon we got our passion for exotic vehicles from the untrammelled futurism of seventies children’s TV

And renderings of cool vehicles were never more colourful and imaginative as Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s creations.

Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds were only the most famous shows worked on by the dynamic puppet making duo. There was hyper geek Joe 90 who transformed in a disturbing mechanical bubble into a wunderkind and saved the world, and then, of course, there was Space 1999 and UFO, twin live action, slightly kinky sci-fi fantasies that all spun around the idea of doing heroic things in cool cars, spaceships, buggies and bikes.

Interesting to reflect that the idea of the Supercar was invented by the great Anderson team, too.