Doodlings to Design


Stumbled across these appealing little line drawings, taken for an early 1960s design study for NSU’s Autonova GT (the manufacturer that would fuse with Auto Union before becoming Audi).

They instantly bought to mind that little-boy fascination that we have always had for cars.

There are few of you readers out there, we imagine, who didn’t sketch cars and motorbikes back in the mists of childhood. pre-adolescent doodlings are some of the first steps, we reckon, toward the projection of freedom in the imagination of little children.

They empower the realisation that design and creativity can lead to a certain freedom of the mind – as well as cool vehicles that can physically take you there – and though these particular sketches are of course an evolutionary leap away from the sort of childhood sketchings they manage to retain that simple essence.


One Response to “Doodlings to Design”

  1. Nice article. I did a lot of car doodling a while ago, and fortunately saved most of them. Now I’m trying to take ome of those designs, wich still look pretty cool (at least I think they do) and put them together in 3D.