Dukes of Hazzard



According to who you ask, the were anywhere between 250 and 350 1968-9 Dodge Chargers used in the filming of The Dukes of Hazzard. General Lee, as the redneck ride of bootlegging brother Bo & Luke Duke’s muscle car was known, had half of the teenage population of suburban Britain leaping in and out of their MK 111 Cortina windows, and the other half painting the Confederate Flag on their roof.

The TV show’s popularity between 1979 and 1985 had as much to do with Daisy Duke‘s high-hitched hotpants as the spectacular car-wrecking that was a leitmotif of the sunday afternoon show.

Since the halcyon days of the seventies and eighties, there doesn’t seem to have been a TV show were the car is truly the star. Stay tuned for more politically incorrect car-focused classics.