It’s Stock Car Racing


Stock car racing UK style didn’t die a death once the seventies ended. Far from it, in fact, Stock Car racing is thriving.
I remember brilliantly spectacular footage from the dirt tracks being shown on Dickie Davis’s Saturday sports magazine World of Sport, where minority sports where put for a change in the spotlight.

It seemed, for a while, to go the way of Speedway, Superstars and Judo in terms of spectator popularity, but it these straightened times the formula just might be on the up and up. Because while teams can spend a goodly amount of cash in the search for a stock car win, for the average Joe it also offers a truly accessible way into racing.

This type of grass roots motorsport pits family against family, region against region – and encourage the sort of make-do type of genius that made this country great! And now, it is a far more spectacular, powerful affair than it ever was in the old days. The new breed of stockster is a 600 horsepower mutant doing battle in a true seat of the pants, gladitorial battle – as the brisca site says, this is true full-contact motorsport.

Check out the trail for a recent BBC doc about a virulent bit of rivalry in the UK stock car scene.