Enzo Ferrari


It’s been a while since we considered the Ferrari Enzo. Named after the founding father of the prancing horse himself, it was always one of those cars destined to attain mythic status.

With only 400 units ever made, and a technical specification that brought fully fledged F1 development for the first time -it’s so often cited as the ultimate Ferrari that it’s almost impossible to look at it except through the stylised lens of its own legend.

Strange to think that the car was announced as recently as 2002. It seems to be have been part of mythic car culture forever.

But now and then, you come across a new angle – a new aspect of what makes this car so truly incredible.

These pics reminded me of the gaping, snarling aspect of the Pinifarina designed body. Like some sort of Autobot that’s about to transform into a Latinate killing machine ; even compared to the mentalist Ferrari issues that preceded it – the F40 and the F50 – the Enzo was a shock to the eyeballs.