A Classic Indugence


I can’t imagine gaining the cojones to thread a Ferrari 250 SWB (which in this sort of race trim must be worth at least a couple of million Euros) through the French countryside on the limit.

I can’t even imagine being able to sit next to a Frenchman who would have the audacity to push this beautiful classic so hard. But we’re glad someone is still doing it.

What made us chuckle is the high five of pure relief offered by the co-driver at the top of the hill.

He couldn’t be the owner, could he?



6 Responses to “A Classic Indugence”

  1. Clivekett

    This must rank as the most ‘unsmooth’ driver on the plant. I wouldn’t let him loose with my lawnmower!

  2. Sam Lever

    Agreed. 250 SWB – Yessssss! Driving style – Err, don’t call us mate, we’ll call you.
    You hear a lot about how delicate these cars are and how hey are so finely balanced and respond to a deft touch and that makes this all the more surprising. Would you drive your own SWB like that and if you were allowing someone else to do it would you be happy with this donkey?
    What a fantastic noise though – nothing synthetic, no superchargers, just those Modena ponies.

  3. I disagree with you Clivekett, the car and driver are actually flowing very nicely, nothing brutal. Fast and smooth upchanges and text-book downshifting convinces me we have a good understanding driver at the wheel.

  4. Keithivormurrell

    a great run shame about the mirror otherwise love it

  5. What’s so appealing to me in this video is the rawness and the very fact that this car is so ‘precious’ in terms of market economics. The reality remains that the SWB was conceived by The Old Man as a road racer. Form here is being used to convey function. That’s what’s so beautiful about the sequence.