Lamborghini Aventador Arrives (almost)


The runup to the Geneva Auto Salon always ups the ante in terms of launch buzz. If you’re a card carrying concept geek it’s your favourite time of year- but even the mildly petrolheaded amongst us can’t fail to get excited about the unveiling of a new Lamborghini.

The profile pic above is easily the most exciting shot we’ve seen to date of the long-in-the-tooth Murcielago’s replacement. According to various car gossip sites the trademark is applied for in the US and it’s DEFINITELY going to be called the Aventador LP700-4.

But what do we know?

And yes, that of course means it’s supposedly packing seven hundred horses driven through all four wheels.

As probably the last V12 that will ever emerge from Sant’Agata, they were always going to make this one beautiful powerplant (below).

Low slung and superbly styled, the drivetrain reflects the fractured yet coherent surfaces of the coachwork – it’s like they’ve taken the most attractive elements of the Reventon and fused them with that of the Sesto Elemento concept of a couple of years ago.

Work harder. Start saving.


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  1. Brad Buchanan

    This car is just a work of art it shouts at you from any angle “am I sexy or what”