Hemi ‘Cuda!


In the process of research for our forthcoming seventies edition, we came across what is definitely my favourite piece of American muscle.

The 1970 ‘Hemi ‘Cuda’ was the top of the range sports version of Plymouth’s workhouse the Barracuda, and was powered, naturally by the Chrysler version of the V8 Hemi (below).

Whilst most American muscle cars come across as brutal and one dimensional, there’s something about the ‘Cuda’s lines that look almost graceful in an (almost) European kind of way.

See the footage of a beautiful black version of the notchback two-door below to see how much grace the car posesses. We think you’ll agree it glides along the yank highway with uncommon poise.


13 Responses to “Hemi ‘Cuda!”

  1. Westi51

    While the UK car buffs often sneer and snigger at these “Yank Tanks” just marvel at this and think carefully of the cars that were on offer here in the UK in 1970!!

  2. Allkiller

    I own a 383 Cuda…in my opinion they are the most Beautiful of Americn muscle cars…and as mentioned what was avaliable here or in Europe for the same money ??

    Nuff said ….there “IS” no substitute for cubic inches

  3. Daz750

    Beautiful car, Just a shame we cant hear that V8 Hemi over the soundtrack!!

  4. Mike Barnes

    absolutely, couldn't agree more. I drove these cars in the in 70's when they were available off the American airbases around here and they were fantastic value compared to the pretty lame stuff otherwise available in the UK – an Escort Mexico? Shudder!

  5. Adamtutton

    Exactly right. When our car culture was in the doldrums, the yanks were producing things of brutal beauty!

  6. Bungiejumper

    People here believe the rubbish the media says about American cars and, they don't know the truth aboout how good they are. I still drive American Muscle [ 35 years old ] and it still holds its own.

  7. Wolfman7421

    Closest I got to something like this was a Chrysler 2litre… Stunning motor to drive when compared with the Ford euroboxes they were flogging at the time, plus running a Rootes OHC engine couple to a 3sp Torque-flite auto, it could catch pigeons… not to mention embarrass the little oiks in the XR3i….

    Aso the 'Cuda was the car used in the original comic of The Crow…. something missed off the film, along with lots of other stuff…. 🙁

  8. fay66

    I don't disagree with all your comments on how good Yanks were, & I still like them,but size is against them in the UK, they weren't designed for our roads, but the wide open spaces of the USA, snd for travelling huge distances in comfort;but even the rose tinted spectacles can't hide the fact that many of them didn't handle and had poor brakes, but as they say, there's no substitute for horses!

  9. Not sure if I prefer this or its sister car, the Challenger… also, I think it's unfair to describe 'most' of the American muscle cars as one-dimensional. A lot of them have a beautiful flow that make them disarmingly appealing… the Mustang, for instance, or the Camaro of that time (before the 1970 failure). I know those technically count as pony cars, but there are other examples… the Charger, the Superbird, the GTO…

  10. Neil Oswin

    Ultimate American Muscle,along with the Dodge Coronet R/T.

  11. Westi51

    Hi Fay
    I agree that some of the cars were big, very big. But as you know size isn't everything. A lot of the 60's muscle cars did put out 400+ horse and tried to stop on drums but the yanks were quick to realise the stopping power of discs and installed them as standard quickly. Along with power steering (tilt/telescopic), power windows, a/c, am/fm sterio radio cassettes, etc and bullet proof auto boxes (never mind the engines!!) these were able to be well spec'd cars. I think in the UK we still offered heaters as an optional extra!

  12. Bondy73

    escort mexico shudder . you have no taste at all.!!!!!! since when did an hemi win any top rally avents. the escort mexico is a true rally legend a real ford unlike the blad rubbish they make today . this car can go aroud a corner with out loseing control on dirt or road and does not use about 1 gallon avery 10 miles lol

  13. SP- Surrey

    Thats a lame point…the hemi wasn't eligible for top rally events for a start. lol

    Put the standard hemi on a track and a standard mexico and tell me which one you think had the better cornering manners. You'll be amazed.

    The 79 trans am had pretty much the same performance as the 86 sierra cosworth. Yes, that's 0-60, quarter mile, skidpad, stopping, downforce (aerodynamics are arguably better on the trans am if anything)

    Pitch against the sierra on the track and it would be neck and neck. Do other people realise this? No. They simply babbly on about how the yanks never won touring car…..why? Why, you ask? In touring car, the 6 litre engine was banned quicker than the cosworths turbo was….simple.

    The american cars of all eras are HUGELY under-rated by those who think they're in the know…but really, got tought by Clarkson on BBC2. lol