Pontiac Firebird by Allspeed Customs


It’s not often we go all gooey over a bit of American Muscle.

But this slick, black on black edit of a 1970 Pontiac Firebird by an outfit called Allspeed Customs makes us go all weak at the knees.

According to the Michigan based custom shop’s site this ‘blackhawk’ version of a customer car comes with a 1000 horsepower, twin turbo EFI Pontiac engine – meaning that it would be able to cash the cheques it’s looks have written.

The Firebird is one of the later slices of muscle that came from Detroit before the oil crisis of the early seventies went and ruined everything.

And how about that name: Pontiac Firebird. There’s a rhythm to it that’s almost onomatopoeiac.

Who would have guessed in 1970 that we’d still be salivating over this sort of arcana in the 2020s? 

images: Allspeed