Homage to the Fiat X1/9


The Fiat X1/9 was, like the Lancia Monte Carlo, one of those supremely aspirational mini supercars of the eighties that made anyone of a certain age believe they could achieve.

The Bertone – penned two seater had the whiff of the exotic – mid mounted engine, rear wheel drive, it was light and it handled.

When we think of the car we always associate it with the decade that bought Margaret Thatcher and shoulder pads, but by the time that decade began it had already been available for eight years.

Such was the forward thinking nature of the Bertone design – with targa top and an acreage of period correct black plastic – it’s hardly surprising that come the eighties it was actually manufactured by the Carrozzeria itself.

Our fave manifestation is the Dallara racing version (below), that came with hugely flared arches and the rear wing.
And, of course, that Lovely brown paint job.