Isdera Commendatore


It’s not often you meet a car that’s a cross between a Mercedes Gullwing CW 311 and a batmobile. But that’s what the ridiculously strange and exotic Isdera Commendatore is. With all the subtlety of a rally at Nuremberg and an air brake – the sort of analogue tech that makes a rear parking camera look crass – the commendatore was for true freaks of nature: folks who like to pay through the nose for exotic, for exotic’s sake.

And the thing is that in the early nineties, when the car was designed, there wasn’t exactly a lot of hypercar competition. This was the depths of a recession almost as bad as the one in which we currently find ourselves: and it doesn’t take a genius to imagine why you don’t see many of them down at the local Waitrose. Even if you live in an area posh enough to actually have a Waitrose.

It had a Mercedes V12 and apparently enough gumption to get from 0-60 in 4.7 and a top end of 212 MPH. It is reckoned that only 70 Isderas have been sold since launch. Please send in pics if you ever get to see one.