Mercedes SLS AMG GT3


Ok, you can’t drive it on the road, it looks like a nightmare in which Hieronymous Bosch interprets a Wagner symphony in a room full of blood lusted Valkyries, but we can’t keep our minds off AMG’s SLS GT3.

Merc launched the car back in 2010, but this is the first time we’ve been up close and personal. Ever since we saw it in the steel at this year’s Autosport show we’ve been tormented by the potential of the power and the glory infused in this hell’s teeth baring power machine.

The SLS itself is spectacular enough, but give it the AMG treatment and qualify it for the FIA’s GT3 spec and you can bet it’s going to be jaw dropping.

Mercedes might be entering a new market in offering these things to privateer racers willing to engage in what the company call ‘a favourable price structure’ to score one of these babies. Imagine turning up at your local hillclimb with one of these?

Perchance to dream.

All the details available here.