Isuzu Gemini Advert


There are bonkers car commercials and there are bonkers car commercials. This is a bonkers car commercial.

Brought to you by the fundamentally mediocre Isuzu to promote its middle of the road family saloon the Gemini, this campaign included some of the most impressive stunt coordination and execution we have ever witnessed.

That the Japanese car industry has been able to do so many fascinating things with a commercial car brief says a lot about the mad creativity in far Eastern pop culture. That the OTT nature of the commercial might be in direct and inverted proportion to how interesting the subject of the commercial actually is a truism worth noting.

When advertising really works the subject matter is reflected in the aesthetic seamlessly, we reckon. But hey, we weren’t born with the bonkers world of godzilla, manga etc at the heart of our aesthetic. Anyway, whichever part of the planet you come from, you can’t help but dig this advert.

We tip our hats to JNC


2 Responses to “Isuzu Gemini Advert”

  1. vipertruck99

    canal barge jump is an eye opener…