Subaru XT


Not sure why we like the Subaru XT, but we do. When you see how it was promoted in its original Japanese promo, there’s a disconnect between appearance and market. Two door coupé. Dramatic wedgie styling. Four wheel drive. The ability to leg it up a mountain in any conditions. Check all of the above boxes.

What you have, thinking about it, is a car marketed to a very specific market – a narrow and deep rather than a broad collection of people – a person who not only wants to get out and among the elements but who loves interesting design, driving fast and the aesthetic of the Wedge.

Sometimes it’s these strange cars that have the most enduring appeal, rather than the ubiquitous, focus-group created product of the mass market….


One Response to “Subaru XT”

  1. this was my first car! i loved it. went through and over anything- including a 16 year old learning to drive stick.