Rin Tanaka



There are so many car and bike culture books out there, it’s hard to pick a single volume or a series of books that stand out. So many of them are written by experts with an almost blinkered view of the subject matter to which the respective book relates, that outside the cloistered world of the aficionado, they have little appeal.

The books by Rin Tanaka on the other hand, are some of the most entertaining, beautifully produced books on the subject that offer a kind of visual narrative of the bits and pieces of car, bike and surf culture.

Tanaka is a collecting aficianado of material culture that references Harleys, helmets, hot rods – as well as skate and surf culture. He documents every possible manifestation of how these things have been marketed and consumed by people with passion, and draws broad lines that join the dots of things as disparate as Selvidge denim and Moonlight Risers.

Especially worth checking out is the Harley Davidson book of fashions, which is nearly impossible to get hold of in the UK, but all the more sweet when you finally manage to track it down.


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