Sidecar Racing


Sidecar racing brings a whole new language to motorsport. Aesthetically it is like no other – not only a team sport in terms of its backup crew, the twin pilots of a full tilt sidecar crew perform a dance upon which life can depend. We think it’s time it reclaimed it’s slot on mainstream TV!

Like many disciplines of motorsport now marginalised and bleached out of the spotlight by the all conquering roadshow that is F1, sidecar racing enjoyed its heyday in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Dickie Davis’s World of Sport (see below) often featured the slip-sliding sideways sport in between the racing from Haydock and the Wrestling – but it still goes on – albeit usually amid a pod of enthusiastic stalwarts and mentalist amateur thrill-jockeys.

The web is replete with the Sidecar scenesters: and you can find an event this summer by heading to the site run by Steve English.