Japanese Retro Car Documentary


Sky-1 (1 of 1)

If you’re interested at all in all things Japanese then you can’t miss this film. Made by the Discovery Channel, it basically features a broad sweep of Japanese car culture: from purist restorers of classic Japanese stock to heretic, ground-up car builders, with creators of phat dished 911 retro-progressors along the way…

What emerges is that typically Japanese, extremely focussed and detailed approach to car making.

And it’s this rigour that remains, even in mainstream industry. Despite European prejudice that still exists far and wide, the Japanese approach is something to be admired.

There was a dodgy, illegal upload out there somewhere on the web, but we don’t recommend you watch that. Not sure, though, whether discovery UK will air this. Send them an email and get them to blast this into your UK cable. It’s well worth the effort!