José Mourinho and the ‘Special’ Jaguar SUV

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controversialist and off-key ambassador for Jaguar...

Whatever you feel about José Mourinho, we reckon he’s a strange choice of brand ambassador for stalwart Brit brand Jaguar.

Mourinho’s career has been characterised by huge sweeping statements of genius, followed by short bursts of practical proof of his tactical and management nous – followed by periods of abject, irrevocable failure.

He gives good, if belligerent, media. And that’s the point, we suppose.

Still, Jaguar has got hold of the World’s Second Most Famous Portugeezer, stuck him in a prototype of their new SUV and photographed him doing donuts on the ice of Sweden.

The F-Pace is a nice looking SUV launching into a crowded market later this year– and their ice driving experience is showcased in the content too.

For us, the Jag looks from the rear three-quarter exactly like the Range Rover Sport.