Jaguar XF Sportbrake


On Tuesday Jaguar will unveil globally it’s new ‘sportbrake’ version of the XF.

We’ve had personal experience of Jaguar estates; and while the idea is a cool one, a gentleman-friendly, British load carrier with suave sophistication, genuine performance and an acreage of usable space in the back for kids, kit and, er, surfboards, the actual car hasn’t lived up to expectations.

But the brilliant XF deserves to be stretched, we reckon. It could be a genuine competitor to the German tourers- an increasingly popular market in these days when the active demographic; old man surfer, cyclists and generally life-extended adultescents that want a cool car and to still be able to get all the stuff in.

Thing is, we always thought that ‘brakes, should be two door jobs. You know, unattached gentlemen tourers to stuff the dead grouse in etc?

Perhaps these images turn out to be windups: and perhaps all will be truly revealed tomorrow.

We look forward to it…


2 Responses to “Jaguar XF Sportbrake”

  1. vipertruck99

    honestly was never sure about the xf,the latest xj was just so perfect.but this does look the part…cant wait to see one in “R” trim.kind of makes up for the vomit inducing evoque as far as “british” cars if lotus would drop a new esprit (evora was a bit hmmm).ford would do a coupe that had the appeal of a capri (not cougar or probe) with that focus rs drivetrain.maybe even vauxhall could get lotus involved again with the nearly perfect vxr range.pity rover didnt survive i could just imagine a retro restyled modern sd1 vitesse with a modern m5  baiting v8….rant over