Keef’s Bentley


We’ve just finished listening to the audiobook of Keith Richards’ Life.

It’s a cracking listen – voiced in part by Johnny Depp and the man himself – and what emerges is a remarkably lucid, intelligent rocker who remembers most of the hard times, fast living and rockin’ lifestyle of Keef’s last fifty odd years.

What also emerges is the man’s love of driving – particularly on through the night roadtrip sessions in his Bentley S3 Continental – which he lovingly named Blue Lena.

One of the most spectacular roadtrips was the one where Keith and Brian Jones and Anita Pallenberg did a moonlight flit to Morocco – and our hero ending up with the girl.

And its not a myth, apparently, that he had a ‘special compartment’ specially bespoke to his exacting requirements. And no, this special compartment wasn’t for spare picks and guitar strings…

It reminds you of the true heritage of the classic marque – and that there’s something brilliantly appropriate that an English anti-hero like Keith Richards should so identify with the dignified maker of fine vehicles that is Bentley.

And having got up close and personal with Bentley’s Mulsanne recently – we think it evokes the glories of the past admirably.

If we were a Bentley exec, we’d make sure their greatest ever ambassador was at the top of the delivery list…


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  1. I had the same impression — that’s how I found your blog via Google.