Kott Custom Culture


What follows is a really nice short film about the philosophy, practice and approach of LA-based custom bike builders Kott.

There’s an increasing number of these sorts of passionate engineering houses stripping away the crap and breathing new life into vintage bikes – and a lot of these crews are putting out interesting promo videos to promote what they do.

This film, though, is one of the best we’ve seen.

It highlights that fascinating obsession that American bike culture has with the café racer style – and it teases out some of the reasons why there’s such an affinity with US style ‘hot rod’ bikes with the dropped bared, pared down purposefulness of British A-road racers from the fifties and sixties.

It also brings out a common thread in custom bike culture – the fact that very often love of motorcycling and building and customising bikes is passed down generation to generation, father to son and family to family.

Its not surprising that the unique quality of each and every hand wrought re-interpretation infused with these values truly moves the soul – as well as the rear end – with a unique kind of grace.