Lelouch film – A Man and a Woman


a man and a woman

Not sure, but it’s a fair bet that not many of you out there would have come across this stunningly original, intriguingly existential film from the brilliant imagination of Claude Lelouch.

Lelouch, you may remember is the director of another of our favourites, the piece of onboard cinematic art that is Rendezvous.

This is a love story, but shot through with the sort of images and sequences that puts it firmly into the category of car cult classic.

The sequence below is the only piece of film that we can think of that deals with the internal dialogue the lone driver strikes up on a long over night roadtrip.

We love the way that Lelouch deals with the experiential reality of driving – including all the emotional entanglements of which our cars are inevitably part.


One Response to “Lelouch film – A Man and a Woman”

  1. Gingerninja

    Saw the other film, but can’t find this anywhere to buy. More films needed that look at the real experience of driving…