Lamborghini Sesto Elemento


When in the Autumn of 2010 Lambo released the first pictures of their outrageous design study the Sesto Elemento, there was a collective gasp from anyone vaguely interested in automotive aesthetics. And between thee and me, we are still gasping.

Just look at the thing! Its as if a million little boys’ dreams have been condensed, stuck in a magic machine loaded with an acreage of carbon, a magic spell has been intoned and Shazam! A legend created.

Lamborghini has pushed far from its agricultural roots into a place where it can redefine the future of the supercar. Their collaboration with Stuttgart has made every car a Romanesque/Teutonic treat. But with this thing it’s the equivalent of Puccini and Wagner collaborating on a definitive final drama, full of exploding canons. gloriously fatal beauty and decadence unmatched by the most hedonistic of baccus’s indulgence!

Imagine how that fat lady would sing!

The name of this technology demonstrator is derived from the periodic table, where carbon is classified as the sixth element. Flexing Audi’s expertise in carbon tech, the boss of the company promised that every subsequent Lamborghini would be touched by the processes and design innovations wrought in the development of the Sesto Elemento.

True genius, outrageous design. We love it.