Zender Fact BiTurbo


It was obviously heavily influenced by the aesthetic of the Lamborghini Countach, but the strangely named 1989 Fact BiTurbo concept from tuning company Zender was much more of a homespun phenomenon.

Using a carbon fibre shell and casing a turbocharged V8 from Audi, the ugly bug Zender Fact BiTurbo would have punched through the five second pullaway barrier easily.

If it had ever lapped a circuit it may have been rather svelte too, having tipped the scales at only a shade over 1000KG.

Able to produce around 450 horsepower it would have been a beast – and actually recalls the bug-eyed intensity of a Pagani in its hand-wrought magnificence.

Apparently there was a spyder version too – but neither made it to full time production.

We reckon the dream of privateer success on the streets of the eighties would have been harpooned by rising interest rates!