M5 Love


In case you’ve been living under a rock, we though we’d remind you that next month BMW are going to launch the latest edition of their signature loonysaloon the M5.

The M5 badge has always for us been the pure bred BMW; a car that encompasses the height of the brand values. The five series platform is the workaday exec saloon or family wafter, with sensible form as well as outstanding performance, reliability and build.

It has always then been a momentous occasion when a new M5 is unveiled – it ultimately represents the evolution of the brand’s core.

Beemer lovers will know all there is to know about this, but for the less initiated here’s the basic stats. It seems this ultimate dad wagon will feature a 4.4-litre V8 bi-turbo that will pump out 578bhp and 530lb/ft. It will have a limited top speed of 155, which unlimited could wring 188 MPH, and it will pull away to 62 MPH in 4.4 secs.

The engine will be a tinkered-with version of the engine in the current X5 and X6 M cars; making this the first turbocharged M5 saloon. There won’t be an estate version for now, but rumour has it that the car will feature 30 percent emissions reduction over the E60.

However popular this F10 version of the M5 turns out to be, it’ll have to go a long way to beat the E39. The ‘angel eyed’ version of the M5 is our favourite, and this banned BMW ad for this version has to be one of our all time top campaigns.


5 Responses to “M5 Love”

  1. BigHughie

    I’ve been lucky enough to run an E34 and now and E39 M5 since 1996, and during that time, despite having driven all manner of performance cars from hot hatches, Subarus and Evos, Other M division cars, right through to high end Porsches and Ferraris – For everyday usability, comfort and driving pleasure – Nothing has the same mix of abilities or has tempted me away from my M Power 5 Series. If you can afford the Petrol, or do low mileage – don’t bother with the ‘oh so common’ M3 – get a real man’s car – Get an M5 – you won’t look back.

  2. It appears to have been banned for implying that the M5 could really keep up with a jet car going at full pelt. This constitutes a misleading claim within the fairly rigid set of rules advertisers are asked to respect. It seems that BMW used some camera trickery to give the illusion that the M5 had shot the footage.

  3. bmw makes some dang good cars. the m series cars are like no other cars. i once drove an e30 m3 and the handling just blew me away.

  4. How right you are about the M5 being a man’s car. I don’t run an M5 but I do have an E34 540i with factory fitted Mtec suspension and stability/traction control. It’s a superb car and the V8 engine is so smooth and powerful. It will keep pace with an M3 much to the discust of one local M3 owner who couldn’t shake my old E34 off. The car is in superb condition and has been serviced by BMW from new. Would I part with it? NO WAY except perhaps for an 850 csi. I can’t find another make that even comes close to BMW quality.