Mad Max: Fury Road


the petrol-goth desert classic returns...

This really could be the car-chase movie to end all car-chase movies.

George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road will be hitting screens here in the UK on 15 May.

Petrol heads and Hollywood are currently stuck in an absurdly patronising boogie with the Fast & Furious franchise (Seven is out there right now). We can’t bear the F&F films. Because frankly, there’s nothing about the machines in there. It’s all airbrushed gym-bunnies and explosions rather than visceral mechanica.

We wonder if Tom Hardy’s Max and his hi-octane, kinked-out desert racers will be able to trump Dominic Toretto’s wrecking crew at their own game.

There might actually be some detailed machinery porn in there for the people of this parish.

It’s an amazing looking trailer.

Look closely – how many automotive genres can you spot?