Magnus Walker: Rebel Outlaw

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We’ve spotted Magnus Walker before, but this morning we stumbled across this teaser doc about the man and his obsession with Porsche 911. We thought we should share.

Mr Walker has made a profession out of the harvesting of fragments of donor 911s and grafting them onto vintage frames. There’s a hugely willing group of clients out there willing to pay top dollar for his bespoke recreations, one-off specials or even balls-out outlaw porkers.

This sort of recreation work is seen as sacrilege to many purists: but for us it encapsulates a spirit of DIY creativity that should be celebrated.

The film is nicely shot, with some great POV action sequences as well as intriguing, informative insight into the automotive obsession that can strike us all.

URBAN OUTLAW – THE TRAILER from Tamir Moscovici on Vimeo.