Mercedes 190 VS BMW M3


Classic this one. Sometimes the slickness of contemporary TV car shows forget the gonzo-like beauty of a good old fashioned burn up. And this is a classic old fashioned burn up.


We’re not sure where or when this was shot, but there’s something pure and honest about the ragged tearup between this Mercedes 190 (don’t think it’s a Cosworth, version) and a BMW M3 E30. We reckon it dates from some time in the early to mid nineties and yes, it’s definitely in France.


Any other infos greatly appreciated. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy.


One Response to “Mercedes 190 VS BMW M3”

  1. Hunglikeashrew

    Am fortunate enough to have owned a few e30 M3 but have never considered the Mercedes. In fact, apart from the Evo, it’s hard to think of them as rivals, let alone equals. Prices of e30 M3 have continued to rise and it’s a shame that they are being priced out of the reach of most enthusiasts.