Mercedes 190 Cosworth


Well, when we write ‘sleeping’ brute, we suppose the ‘ordinary’ wingless 2.5-16 that sits unassumingly on many a wealthy street corner may be the ultimate sleeper. But the Evo version you see before you, souped, tweaked and bewinged- just hints ever so slightly more of what’s rocking under the bonnet.

There were only 500 of these Evos ever produced, and they took the 16 valve 2.3 Cosworth engine (made in Worcester) that had originally been fitted to the cars and increased the bore and stroke, pushing the rev limit and power output. There was a active suspension too, on the Evos, allowing the driver to adjust ride height in the cabin.

We love a street sleeper. Especially if it’s soulfully stirring with an English heart and German nervous system.



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