Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman

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look out for new documentary that delves deep into Paul Newman's all-encompassing passion

Paul Newman was a Hollywood actor. But he was also racing driver.

Many of you will have known that.

But it might be a shock to discover that, from the time he first piloted a racing car in his mid forties, acting in the Hollywood legend’s mind only came a pale second to being on the race track.

A new documentary, which has been previewed in the states after years of back-and-forth and rights battles, delves deep into this late-starting obsession – and by all accounts is a feast for anyone who loves the aesthetic of motorsport.

Paul-Newman-RacerIt’ll be surprise to many of you that actor Paul Newman also raced cars.

Newman, apparently, spent a lot of time behind the wheel of Nissan (Datsun) cars, winning the SCCA GT-1 championships twice – and you can scour the webs to see cars out of Newman’s own collection doing the premiere rounds.

It’s a greasy red-carpet, but a red carpet all the same.

Trailer is pretty cool too.