Renault 17 Coupé


Back in 1971 Renault made the risky move of launching not one, but TWO Coupés.

The 15 and 17 rocked wrap-around bumpers (the first time this technology had been mass produced) & there were quartz halogen lights, too, which, at the time were a motif of only the highest end cars on the market.

This foray into the undeniably treacherous territory of coupé culture was relatively successful – even if the Gordini 17 is now the rarest of French cars with that distinctly gallic everyman touch.

The high point of the 17 came when the by now Renault owned Gordini badge was pinned to a sportier version of the car. It retained that offbeat ugly-cool thing, but managed to assume a more dashing appearance.

It wasn’t gutsy or particularly dynamic, but we dig it’s period quirk.