Renault 5: 40th Anniversary


We’re not sure whether the behemoth French car company has, or is going to, make a song and dance of it – but this year the ground-breakingly simple and adaptable hatch reaches its fortieth birthday.

Looking through the evolution of the Cinque you have to admit that the designation has managed to run the gamut from bog standard, thin metalled everyman runabout to box-arched Group B inspired mentalist.

It’s this versatile practicality to which the design truly set a standard.

It’s not necessarily to be lauded by petrolhead aesthetes, but the ‘build a stable platform and then go bonkers’ formula is one late twentieth century manufacturing process that has endured – from Aston Martin to Ferrari and beyond.

Hail the boxy little Frenchy.


One Response to “Renault 5: 40th Anniversary”

  1. I had a 4 Speed 1300 & a 5 speed 1400 5TS both great little cars I think the smaller engine car was more fun & peppier.