Renault Estafette


These last few months have been a real journey of discovery. We keep stumbling across cars that we’ve never, ever heard of. And Renault’s Estafette micro-wagon is one of the most interesting of the latest crop of webly-borne surprises.

You can learn all you want to about the details of the fresh little French utilitarian here – but what’s as interesting as anything is the whole idea of a truly mini mini wagon. Seems to us it was prescient. It was economical, spacious, and still beautifully box like (as we believe all Utes should really be).

Downside was, according to the webs, that it rusted like the devil. It was phased out due to the interminable financial crisis that dispatched so many French cars of the era.

It minds us of the lovely Dauphine too. What goes around comes around. 2013 is, we think, the right moment for another French mini wagon like this.


2 Responses to “Renault Estafette”

  1. vachequipis

    Really you haven’t heard of the Estafette! Where have you been? It’s vantastic! if you can afford the fuel that is, she’s a thirsty beast 🙁
    Just saying

  2. About the same size as a VW Microbus. Not particularly miniature! It was phased out because the Renault Trafic replaced it in 1980… No financial crisis that I know of!