BMW M6 Gran Coupé


We don’t usually blog about new releases, unless of course, there’s something particularly interesting about them. We had to weigh in, though, to comment upon the release of BMW’s behemoth M6 Gran Coupé that was recently announced.

It is air cooled, has completely new chassis geometry, a new philosophy of weight balance and aerodynamics – all these have fed into the new look of the monster super-saloon. Under its bonnet is a high-revving 560hp V8 engine with anM TwinPower Turbo – and it’ll pull away in 4.2 seconds and will top out at a (very) limited 155MPH. We reckon it might be good for 190 otherwise.

We just had to say that in a time when we’re supposed to be watching the pennies, beemer go and release a ridiculously high powered super family slammer that would put the early manifestations of the M5 into the shadow in terms of performance and pure technological audacity.

Presumably BMW have done their research and demand must be there for such a huge motor. We can only hope to have a taste sooner or later – but at £97K each? How many people with that much cash to burn on a car wouldn’t opt for something more, well, other worldly?

It seems that despite it’s stratospheric performance and technical spec: it remains a pretty workaday beemer in terms of aesthetic.