Hardcore ginger rock genius Janis Joplin and her psychedelic speedster

Stars And Their Cars


A skyrocketing star need a killer car.

And over the years various shots of legends of music, screen and stage have been photographed with their ride of choice. Each has added something to each’s image.

Here’s our latest selection of interesting cars and their significant others.


4 Responses to “Stars And Their Cars”

  1. Society

    “George” Starkey with the Facel Vega???

    Richard's little-known twin?

  2. mikef01

    Hands up: A genuine and foolish error. I was obviously thinking of Gorgeous George Harrison whilst looking at Ringo. Thanks for your close attention!

  3. beachgal

    You SHOULD do some of George Harrison’s cars – he was seriously into cars…after his long time mini cooper he got into major FAST cars..he was very private so not a lot of ’em got photos. Jackie Stewart was a close neighbor & they went to a lot of car races together. Even later in life (1990′) he was driving a blue something the doors opened UP and out – no idea what it was – some info on You-tube in video done for Beatles Anthology of him driving Paul & Ringo into Geog. estate – up drive – they get out and later vid. is the last they played together – some outside – rest inside with Ringo on a full drum kit – G & P on acoustic guit. Love to know what that blue car of G’s was.