Art, Stars & Cars by Markus Haub


Images Markus Haub/Speedstar Gallery

We stumbled across the work of Markus Haub this morning whilst mooching about on one of our favourite blogs of the French pursuasion, Le Container.

Amid the world of cars and art there are a lot of scan-merchants who, using the new tech at our disposal, detourne the simplest photographic reference and make art anew out of the steel and raw material.

Whatever you think of this, there are some who make a real leap – adding something to the material they source and creating work that evokes rather than simply reflects.

We reckon Markus Haub is one of these latter ten percenters.

Stars&Cars is a new series of small original paintings (20x20cm on a thick frame) which pay homage to the cars and the stars of some televisual legends of the last few decades.

Go to Speedstar Gallery for more.