On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter

Bikes Culture

It had to happen. The most influential motorbike film is getting its sequel. 

It might be over forty years since Bruce Brown’s totemic flick opened the world’s eyes to the life-enhancing beauty of motorcycle racing – but that doesn’t mean director Dana Brown, (Bruce’s son) has missed the boat.

Unlike Bruce’s gorgeously handwrought 16mm flick – this comes with the full marketing and budgetary support of Red Bull’s media house. So, it won’t feel half as geewhizz as the original foundation myth of alt. bike culture – but you can be sure it’s going to edge ahead in the hitech imaging league and make a mockery of those low-budget hipster bike vids.

But here’s the thing. And a question. You throw endless budget at a subject as intimate to converts’ lives as motorcycling – isn’t this thing just going to come out looking like a promo for the ‘Bull?

Who knows? It should be an interesting watch, anyhow.

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