The Art of the Car (dboard)

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Italy-based British artist Chris Gilmour has to be one of the most meticulous cardboard engineers in the world.

His renderings of everything from a ’32 Ford Hotrod to the classic Cinquecento – and from a Vespa scooter to the delectable Aston Martin DB5 –make the strength of the original designs all the more powerful.

“The objects call up memories and emotions connected to our experience of these things…” the artist told an interviewer recently, “…many people assume that the works were ‘real’ things that had been painted or covered in paper”.

There is indeed a very strange leap in your mind when you first see Gilmour’s work. The cardboard cars seem to us a poignant homage to design and engineering values that are lost somewhere back in the twentieth century.

The fact that these pieces are made from materials regarded often as useless only adds to their power. They feel almost like a lament for devalued mechanical beauty.


One Response to “The Art of the Car (dboard)”

  1. raymondkemp

    Great work but your intro is incorrect. The scooter is infact a Lambretta
    and not a Vespa.