The Boss Mustang


we're in love with the pony with true muscle...

The Boss Mustang was the daddy Mustang.

It might not be as pretty as the lighter ponies, but the ‘Stang with extended everything, which was introduced in 1969, was the the star of the early seventies show.

The longer, wider, beefier Mustangs were the result of the 1969 restyling of the ‘Stang, which came with quad headlamps, a wider grille, competition style hood tie-downs and a whole host of scoops, intakes and stripes, many of which were non-functional. Later models reverted to single headlamps, in order, apparently to ‘tone down’ the aggressive styling of the car.

They screwed up, methinks.

The two ‘Boss’ models, the 302 and 429, were introduced to homologate the engines for Trans Am racing, but received instant props on the street for the their general badassness.

It’s a shame the shape didn’t stick around for long. They were replaced as early as 1971 with that elongated, lardy style that was irrelevant by the time the 1973 oil crisis put paid to most American muscle.

We love the look and feel of these fleetingly famous beasts.

We’re looking forward to having a go in the UK released pony car later this year.

Watch this space.



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  1. Stephen

    I have a Boss 302 engine one of only 1500 built in my Ram Cobra I think the exhaust valves are 2 & 3/16″ diameter Steel rods Steel Crank windage tray & its all up for sale at 25 K